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Project Management / Collaboration Tools

When building a company, it's important to pick a task / project management tool and use it religously. Keep track of every idea, feature request or bug and rigorously prioritize where you focus your team. 

AgileZen from Rally Software
Simple, flexible, and cost-effective web-based software for project management built on ideas from agile, lean, and kanban methodologies. AgileZen helps you and your team get things 
done quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Shared task list for your team. The place to plan, organize and stay in sync on your efforts. Reported to be a great tool for CEO and the project manager.

Provides services that combines social technologies with traditional project management solutions. A big part of its marketing is its message about empowering people with social technologies while at the same time giving managers a way to better manage their resources. AtTask offers on-demand project and portfolio management software for SMBs as well as Fortune 500 companies. 

Real email productivity for Outlook or Gmail - take control of when you send and receive messages.

SaaS-based project execution platform that goes beyond project management, giving your team a centralized environment to manage projects, tasks, resources, budgets – as well as associated emails, chat and documents - with in an intuitive, easy to use UI. Project managers and organizations get real-time visibility and clarity; users of the system gain a flexible, task management tool.

Collaborative task management app that lets you organize your entire life. Built for big ideas.

Wiki with real time collaboration features. 

Flexible online project management system providing real time schedules. Simple building blocks enable you to set up a secure workspace that mimics your organization's style and process. Work in traditional waterfall fashion, contemporary agile methodologies, or just run a lean ad-hoc process. 

Pivotal Tracker
Simple, effective, agile project management tool, brought to you by the experts in agile software development.

Get work done with your co-workers and clients on a social work platform that you make your own. Work with any group of people inside a workspace and your entire company in your Employee Network. 

Online cloud based project management software. Let’s you plan and coordinate every aspect of a project including team workloads, tasks, and more. Integrates with MS Project to allow you to work with your MS projects online.

SOCIALCAST by vmware 
Enterprise social platform that connects people to the knowledge, ideas, and resources they need to work smarter. Socialcast unifies communication and collaboration across the organization into one streamlined flow of work by integrating a robust social layer within the business applications and systems people use every day. tells you what everyone is doing and where you are delivering value. does all the busy work and keeps your team informed.

CRM in your inbox. Streak was born out of the frustration of constantly having to switch between our inbox (where we do our work) and separate systems. Our goal is to take the work out of managing the processes you do everyday.

Your entire project in a single glance. Real time collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards and cards. Reported to be a great tool for the team and individual team members.

Simple check in and management tool- enabling leaders to get a real pulse on what's going on in their company in a single weekly snapshot. Use it to surface problems, celebrate wins, discover great ideas
and stay tuned in to morale.

Wikipedia has an exhaustive comparision for various tools.

Tell me what tools you find most effective.